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Bridge and Crowns
Bridges and crowns can help to give your teeth a clean, uniform look while restoring or protecting sensitive or decayed teeth. Bridges are used to replace missing teeth altogether, while crowns are added on top of an existing tooth. If you are missing teeth or have overly sensitive or decaying teeth, a bridge or crown can help to restore their function and appearance.
At Bondar Dental, we offer the following services:
        Crown Lengthening
        Dental Bridges
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Bridge Dentistry
A bridge is a custom-made dental product that is designed to take the place of a section of missing teeth. They can be made of gold alloys, porcelain, or a combination of different materials. Because they are molded to fit you specifically, bridges provide a natural appearance to a completed row of teeth. They are typically semi-permanent, meaning that they are bonded in place but can be removed by either the wearer or the dentist, depending on the design.

Crown Dentistry
Crowns are used to cap a tooth that is damaged or decayed. They are typically made of a durable material, such as porcelain, to cover a tooth and prevent damage. Crowns are sometimes applied after an invasive treatment, such as a root canal, so that the patient’s use of the tooth is restored. Additionally, they can be used to limit further deterioration and cracking.
A crown application procedure involves:
        Reducing the size of the tooth to fit the crown
        Making an impression of the tooth to be covered
        Manufacturing a custom crown
        Mounting the crown using dental cement
If you have damaged, decayed, or missing teeth, consider seeing an experienced dentist as soon as possible. It may be possible to restore your teeth using a bridge or crowns for an attractive, natural-looking smile.
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