Dr. Stella Bondar 

                 Quincy's Modern Family Dental Care

Dentist Procedures and Services
At Bondar Dental, we offer a wide variety of services to our patients. As one of Boston's premier dental clinics, we are committed to providing the very best care and the widest variety of procedures, both cosmetic and otherwise.
If you are interested in setting up an appointment or discussing your dental-care needs with our Boston dental technicians, we would love to talk to you today. Contact Bondar Dental by calling 617-472-1287 for more information.

Our Services
We are proud to provide all of the basic cosmetic and non-cosmetic dental services you may need. We can help your teeth look and feel their best with procedures like:
        Teeth Whitening
        Crowns and Bridges
        Tooth-colored Fillings
        Dental Bonding
        Neuromuscular Dentistry
For those who are in pain now and need quick relief, we offer treatment for:
        Dental Emergencies
        Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJD)
Dr. Stella Bondar has a wealth of experience performing more complicated procedures, as well. We would be happy to discuss your major dental needs, including:
        Dental Implants
        Root-Canal Therapy
        Scaling and Root Planing
        Dentures and Partials
        Full Mouth Rejuvenation

We are proud to use only the best technology and products to treat our clients. We offer the following top-level products:
        Zoom! Professional Teeth Whitening System